Summary: Barriques is a place for wine and coffee. I visit the location on Old Sauk Trails in Middleton, WI. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing for a lunch time on Tuesday. The couches by the fireplace are very welcoming, make you want to sit yourself down and sip on your coffee and get carried away in a conversation with your friend or blogging on your computer. The environment is sophisticated with quiet conversations and people working on their laptop nearby. I have yet to visit the night scene to know for sure how different it is compare to daytime. I’m sure people will be sipping on wine instead of coffee and probably the atmosphere will be happier, but I can’t imagine it will be too noisy.

This ice mocha is good. There is enough ice and enough mocha in it that I have no complaint.

My Personal Review: The older we get, the more we are drawn to peaceful places. I am beginning to feel attracted toward quiet sophisticated coffee shop/lounge. I can sit down, sip on my wine/coffee, talk, and enjoy the relaxing feeling of comfort. It’s a nice change from the noise of the traffic, supermarket, and other places. I like that this place doesn’t get noisy during weekday lunch.

Pros: internet access, couch around fireplace, quiet for blogging, friendly staffs, coffee and wine

Cons: have yet to discover

To learn more about what else Barriques offer, please visit their website:



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