Bonneville Fish Hatchery and Sturgeon Center

About: Bonneville Fish Hatchery and Sturgeon Center is located just downstream of Bonneville Dam in Bonneville, OR and uses the waters of Tanner Creek. The original Fish Hatchery at Bonneville was constructed in 1909. The hatchery underwent many renovations and reconstructions over time. This Fish Hatchery was once visited by Lewis and Clark. They wrote in their journal dated April 9, 1806 of their experiences. (Visit the website below to read Lewis and Clark’s journal).


Fish jumping above water.

My Experiences: On Sept 4, 2010, I have the opportunity to tour the Bonneville Fish Hatchery and Sturgeon Center in Oregon. It was a wonderful place to visit. The center was spacious with ponds of fishes, large tank of sturgeons, jumping trouts in the dam, and garden like walkways with statues of fishes. It’s a place to visit if you want to stroll around in the afternoon. The outdoor pond has so many fishes. They are fun to look at. The large tank has a top view and an underwater window for visitors to see the white sturgeons swimming in their natural habitat along with other fishes. There are other tanks of fishes but it was closed down and empty out. One area I like most is watching the trout jump over the grouching water of the Bonneville Dam. So many fishes and they can jump quite high. It was an amazing sight. I was not too quick with my camera to capture fishes when they are in the air, but caught them with their heads above water surface.


Pros: first hand view of white sturgeon, outdoor ponds, live jumping fishes, lots of fishes

Cons: some areas were closed

I rate it 5stars!



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