Bronnley White Iris Luxury English Soap

About: Bronnley Luxury English Soap comes from H. Bronnley & Co Ltd, which was founded in 1883 by James Bronnley when he was just 19 years old. He went to Paris to study the art of soap making and came home to focus on making soaps of the highest quality. He started out small, then grew big, and expanded bigger. Until today, Bronnley remains a leading British soap and toiletries company famous for the abundance of natural almond oil, herb, flower and tree extracts blended into the soaps and toiletries.


My Experience: I am obsessed with luxury soaps, especially the ones made in England. I was introduced to luxury English soaps by a co-worker of mine from a while ago. She lived in England for a few years doing study abroad and her favorite product made in England are the bar soaps. One day we went shopping together and she picked out some luxury English soaps for me to smell. I fell in love instantly. The fragrance is so lovely. It smells so soft and silky and each bar is beautifully designed and decorated. I just wanted my skin to have that fragrance on me at all times. No other bar soaps can melt me the way English soaps does. I can imagine myself laying in a bed full of luxury English soaps made in England. That’s my fantasy. I love it that much. I recommend you to try it out.


Pros: luxurious soft silky scent, beautifully designed & crafted, decorative piece to display in the bathroom, goes on smoothly to the skin,

Cons: luxury soap goes with a price tag, but Amazon does offer good pricing.

I rate it 5 stars!

A link to where you can buy this product is here: Bronnley Lavender 3 x 3.5 oz Triple Milled Soaps

Have you tried yet? Which fragrance is your favorite? Please do share so I can try it out!



Please share my reviews :-)

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