Olbrich Botanical Gardens

About: Olbrich Botanical Gardens was started by Michael B. Olbrich and completed by a collective work of thousands of people over fifty years. He was an attorney of Madison who graduated from UW-Madison Law School. In 1916, Olbrich wanted to save the badly polluted marshland that was bordering the new growing development of residential homes that he acquired the land with his own money. He believed the area was lacking adequate park facilities and worked hard with the city to make it happen.


My Experience: I love visiting Botanical Gardens. They are always beautiful to look at. This Olbrich Botanical Garden is located in Madison, WI. My co-worker referred me to this botanical garden. It is a joy to walk around, look at all of the beautiful garden designs, flowers, fountains, etc. It is easy to get lost in the vast space of the flower gardens. I cannot leave one sight to move onto the next sight because each sight is too wonderful to look elsewhere. It takes all day to go through the garden because at each stop, you will want to take longer than a minute to take in the beauty of the garden.



Pros: variety of flowers, beautiful garden designs and walkways, beautiful sceneries

Cons: none

I rate it 5 stars!


I just love visiting Botanical Gardens. Don’t you?



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