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About: Finders Keepers is a non-fiction book about a tale of archeological plunder and obsession. The author of this book is Craig Childs and he is a traveler, explorer, and a writer who focuses on natural sciences, archaeology, and journeys into the global wilderness. Finders Keepers is the title that stretch about whoever finds the artifact is the person who gets to decide what to do with the artifact, whether to keep it or to leave it where it is. This book will remind you of how interesting archeology is and that next time when you visit the museum, you will pay more attention to what you are looking at.

My Experiences: I like reading Finders Keepers. Most non-fiction books are a bit boring to read, but this book has a lot of stories to be told. The stories ranges from the author exploring and finding the artifacts himself to the trouble people get into for breaking the laws of archeology. I do feel the urge to visit a local museum when reading this book. I can’t fathom the reality of every pieces of art that are stored in museums all over the world are pure real. The realness of it being created by our ancestors from millions of years ago and it’s all around us, underground, above ground, and undersea. Archeology fascinates me, especially the pieces of arts that are said to be born in the B.C years. It’s too exciting to know that our museum in this modern day could have something so old and is on display every day for us to gawk at.

Pros: reminds readers about the fascination of historical arts, the value of arts is skyrocketing, awareness that archeology is not only interested by archeologist but also by anyone who knows there’s money involved

Cons: none

I rate it 5 stars!

A link to where you can buy it is here: Book Depository

Do you find archeology fascinating? Is it always in the back of your mind? Please share your views in the comment box below.



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