A Trade for Good Review


About: A Trade for Good is a fiction novel written by Bria Daly. This is a Book 1 of a three book series; Book 2 is A Trade for Better and Book 3 is A Trade for Keeps.

My Experience: The title of the book sounds interesting. As I read further, I got annoyed by the repetitive use of words to describe the husband. How many times to say the man is an ass for the reader to say, “I get it already!” Also, in real life, if you say “I’ll tell you what..” at the beginning of your sentence, I will not reply with “I’ll tell you what…” again. Unless I want to annoy you. It just doesn’t happen. I have read better written books.

Pros: light-hearted, good mom, good people come to the rescue when needed

Cons: annoying, repeat a lot,

I rate it 2.5 stars!

Read it & judge it for yourself, grab the e-book for free here: Book Depository

Well, what do you think?

**Disclaimer: I received this e-book for free on Amazon for Kindle.


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