Safe Harbor Seafood Market

About: This Mayport Atlantic Beach in Florida is one place you must visit at least once. This area has a casino, restaurant, seafood market, and boats overseeing the Atlantic Beach. The seafood are caught from the Atlantic daily and sold fresh. You can dine in or buy fresh seafood to bring home to cook.



My experience: I visit Mayport Atlantic Beach in FL on Sunday 11/28/10. The market was closed, but shrimp was being sold in another building nearby. There were a few kinds for sale: small and big, with heads and without. Ever taste fresh shrimp? They shrimps are delicious! My mom boils the shrimps. We made lemon & black pepper sauce. Peel shrimp and dip into the sauce. Scrumptious!

Pros: Fresh seafood daily, caught from the Atlantic Beach, dine in or bring home, shrimp for sale everyday

Cons: pricey, market closed on Sunday,

I rate it 4.9 stars!

Safe Harbor Seafood Market
(904) 246-4911
4378 Ocean St, #3, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233
Neighborhood: Mayport Atlantic Beach, FL

Have you been here?



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