Girl’s Night Out Review

About: Girl’s Night Out is a mystery short story written by Kate Flora. It was published on 7/29/14 by Shebooks at Kate Flora is a mystery and true crime writer. She has written Redemption, Finding Amy, and among others. She has won awards for her stories.

My Experience: I started reading this book on 8/18/14 and finished same day. I like reading this kind of book where the women look out for each other and they can also take care of themselves. I like smart & witty characters. It’s definitely a page turner. I was surprised the story ended so quickly. I didn’t realized it was a short story. I actually felt disappointed that the story was so short.

Pros: witty, entertaining, a women’s guide book, friendship, strong women

Cons: pamphlet read because the story is short, should have indicate on the cover as an article or short story

I rate it 5 stars!

Get yourself a copy to read here: Book Depository

Do you feel mad reading a good book when it’s unexpectedly so short?

**Disclaimer: I received this e-book for free from NetGalley in an exchange for an honest review.


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