World Aquarium in St. Louis, MO


About: The World Aquarium is an extension of St. Louis Children’s Aquarium, which began in 1971. The aquarium’s mission is to increase the knowledge of aquatic life and environments, to enable people to conserve the world of water, and to provide leadership for the preservation and sustainable use of aquatic resources.


My Experience: I stumbled upon World Aquarium as my friend and I toured City Museum. World Aquarium locates right above City Museum, in the same building. I expect the World Aquarium to be a big one due to its name; however, it’s a bit small. It has a lot of reptiles and turtles. There’s not a lot to see and wow by. One thing that children may find fascinating is the demonstration of animals. Two kids, possibly worked there or volunteered, held in their arms a snake and a reptile. We walked by and looked at them holding the animals but didn’t come closer to pet them. The World Aquarium also has shows that run throughout the day: turtle race, snake feeding, stingray feeding, etc.


Pros: enhance the minds, seeing is believing, learn about wildlife, all ages are welcome

Cons: small aquarium

I rate it 3.7 stars!


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