Triple Crown Restaurant in Chicago Chinatown


Summary Intro: A one and a half hour road trip to Chicago is perfectly normal. Driving to Chicago only for the late night dinner is somewhat out of the blue, but not bizarre. There were nine of us hungry guys and gals looking forward to devour out-of-town Chinese food. We decided on Triple Crown Restaurant in Chicago Chinatown because they offer the late night menu. Some of us have been there before and complimented the food and few haven’t, such as me.


Our trip there: We took two cars, left home around 9:30pm and arrived around 11pm. The drive down to Chicago was smooth. We took turns leading and following each other, but we arrived separately. One car filled with sleepyheads and the other car filled with talkers. It’s a wonder how the talkers ended in one car and the sleepers ended in the other car was a coincidence. We knew we are in Chicago when we see the Sears Tower (my mind was thinking of Paris and so I called out the Eiffel Tower).


Arrival: The restaurant is right by the entrance to Chinatown. The entrance is small, but inside, after you climb up the stairs, is very spacious. Noticeably, there weren’t as many customers as I had expected, but eventually, big groups of people did come. I love those small gold ties the waitress wears. They are cute.


Dinner: Believe it or not, but we were all very hungry and so we ordered many dishes: Crispy Fried Tofu, Blue Crab, Pork & Shrimp Dumpling, Snail, Pork Blood, Quail, Fresh & Dry Squid, Mini Octopus, Duck Tongue, Duck Feet, etc. The orders were mini, almost dim sum style. We had two or three plates of each order. The desserts were delicious: Longan Cake, Coconut Cake, and everyone’s favorite, Mango Pudding. We drank hot tea with these dishes. The meal was a family sharing style.


Leave: It was about 1am when we left Chicago. We arrived home at 2:30am. There were still people at the restaurant when we left. The restaurant opens until 4am on Friday and Saturday. The driving trip back was as normal as the driving trip to Chicago. Our car of talkers still talks.


My Personal Review: I think the food is salty, but that’s probably because my taste is too plain. However, the menu does offer a variety of choices and you can specify how you want it cooked. I like that the staffs switch new clean plates for you during the meal because you do accumulate some bones while eating.

Pros: switch new clean plates, hot tea refills, waiting time not too bad, variety of choices, late night menu is a plus, fun with a large group of friends

Cons: salty food

Rating: I rate these food 4 stars!

• 2217 South Wentworth Ave
• Chicago, IL 60616-1901
• (312) 842-0088

Have you done something like this before? Doesn’t matter when, just go eat, and far.


3 thoughts on “Triple Crown Restaurant in Chicago Chinatown

  1. Lola @ Hit or Miss Books says:

    Oh, that’s awesome although I never actually go to a restaurant that late. Max would be like 6pm. I never went to Chicago but, when I was younger, me and my family we went to Vieux-Montréal whichc is about 1 and half hour too and we eat there. Was nice and I did go to a Chinatown 3-4 times in Montréal but don’t remembr eating there. I like how descriptive you were in your post but, hahah, wasn’t there some chocolate cake as dessert? I don’t eat much gelation stuff. 😛


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