Vera Wang – Princess Foamy Body Polish

About: Vera Wang was founded in 1990 by Vera Wang herself. She is an American fashion designer based in New York and is known for her wedding gown collection. She is currently over 60 years old. Her brand expanded to include fragrance, jewelry, eyewear, shoe, and house ware collections. Her brand is considered high ends, but you can find alternative of her brand – Simply Vera, which are sold exclusively by Kohl’s.

My Experience: I love Vera Wang Princess Foamy Body Polish. It smells absolutely beautiful. I love the soft sweet fragrance. The packaging is great, easy to squeeze the product out, and leave nothing in it as you used it all up. There are little beads in this shower gel. The beads melt away as you massage it onto your body, leaving your skin a smooth foamy wash. My skin feels soft, smooth, and lovable after each shower. The fragrance fills the air while you take your hot shower. I just want to inhale it all day. It is a luxury body wash and it will make you feel luxury all day. You should definitely try it out if you love something that smells lovely.

Pros: lovely fragrance, acts as a body scrub because of little beads, keeps your skin soft & smooth

Cons: luxury comes with a price tag

I rate this product 5 stars!

Get one here: Vera Wang Princess By Vera Wang Fragrances For Women. Foamy Body Polish 5.0 Oz.

Share your experiences in luxury brands versus drugstore brands.


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