Chance by Chanel for Women – Eau De Toilette Spray Review

About: Chanel is a privately owned company and headquartered in New York. Chanel was founded by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel around 1909/1910. The Chance fragrance was launched in 2002 with the scent of surprise and glamour. They have over 200 boutiques worldwide and can only be found in upscale shopping districts, department stores, and inside major airports.


My Experience: I received the Chance by Chanel as a gift from my aunt over a year ago. I like this perfume. You can see that I almost used it up. I could’ve finished this bottle long ago but I saved it. The bottle I have is 1.2 oz. From Amazon website, it doesn’t look like this size is available anymore. I can’t describe the fragrance. It does smell strong when you sniff it from the bottle. The fragrance softens as you have it on throughout the day.

Pros: long lasting, sophisticated fragrance, it’s Chanel!

Cons: luxury comes with a price tag.

I rate it 4.9 stars!

Grab one here, better yet, get the perfume: CHANCE Eau de Parfum SPRAY 1.7 oz /50 ml

Which Chanel perfume do you like?


Please share my reviews :-)

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