About: Blueberry is a native North America fruit. Centuries ago, blueberries were gathered from the forest and the bogs by Native Americans for consumption and preservation. Blueberries are useful not only for consumption, but also to make tea from the leaf, to make color dyes from the juice, and some part of the plant was used as medicine. The canning industry began canning blueberries in 1880. North America is the world’s leading blueberry producer, accounting for nearly 90% of world production at the present time. Other countries grow blueberries are Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. USA and Canada are the largest producers and consumers of blueberries; Japan in particular, is becoming a blueberry-loving nation. Best of all, many studies have found that a blueberry is on the top list of natural brain food. It improves motor skills, learning capacity, reserves and improves memory, and protects brain from stress.

My Experience: Blueberries taste delicious with additional benefits. This week I was under major pressure. Thanks to Blueberries, I survived the attack. My company implements a new sales tax system. I was not very involved in testing out the system during the testing period, but attended two online courses and so know my way around the system just enough. This month, I was given the responsibility of reconciling the sales tax, our record versus theirs. It was crazy and hectic that only two days before the deadline, the report is ready to view and it was off by two million dollars. I strongly believe Blueberries gave me the brain power. Under normal circumstances, I may panic and run for help, but after consuming blueberries, I recognized something was wrong. I contacted the system’s rep to work with them on the issue and actively figure out the root cause of the variance. Eventually I found out what was wrong and fixed it. My variance started out from two million dollars to twelve hundred dollars to fifty three dollars to zero. My co-worker helped me with finding the fifty three dollars while I solve another problem when I recognized that the sales transaction report doesn’t balance with the tax report. Recognizing something is wrong and knowing where to look and what to do is a rare thing, but if blueberries are the supporting factor to make this happen, I do want to thank Blueberries. I ate each container of blueberries each day during the ordeal and feel very satisfied and accomplished to overcome a challenge. Also, who can say no to blueberries, they are delicious fruits. Some of them taste sweet and some of them taste sour. When the fruit is young, the skin color is green, a little riper and the skin color is red, and when it’s ready to eat, the skin color turns blue. These fruits are tiny round shaped and they are unequal in sizes, but generally, they are small. I love to eat fresh.

Pros: delicious, good for brain, addicting taste, often use to make pies/cake/ice cream, eat with anything or alone

Cons: expensive fruit

I rate it 5 stars!

What is your favorite fruit to eat?


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