Gibbs Garden

About: Gibbs Garden is owned, designed, and developed by James Gibbs. It is located at Ball Ground, Georgia. This garden has 4 seasons of beauty. The owner’s personal home is inside the garden and the overall land is consists of 292 acres. There are 24 ponds, 32 bridge crossings, 19 waterfalls, and so many benches, seats, resting decks. The garden features 3 main gardens: Japanese, Manor House Garden, and Waterlily Garden. Visitors of the garden are allowed to tour all over the garden venues and around the owner’s house, but not inside the house. The owner describes his garden as “the harmony of nature”.



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My Experiences: On Labor Day Weekend, 9/1/14, my family and I have the opportunity to visit Gibbs Garden. It was a great choice to experience something new. It was our first time to visit Gibbs Garden. We love it: the stroll down the garden paths, looking at waterlilies, crossing the bridges, enjoying the shades at many decks, taking hundred of pictures with so many beautiful flowers & sceneries, taking in all the wonderful landscaping of nature, gladly accepting the peace & beauty of our surroundings. Our only thoughts was to come back to experience autumn because of how beautiful it would be to see the colorful leaves on the trees at the paths leading to unending beauties. It’s breathtaking. It’s an experience to remember. I would want to have a mini Gibbs Garden in my backyard. Perhaps in my dream… A person can dream.






Pros: best for a stroll, relax, enjoy nature, photography, reading, watching, inhale nature, picnic, peace, tranquil, harmony, fall season would be best by the display of colorful leaves,

Cons: long drive in the back road. No interstate there. Could be a love/hate relationship here

I rate it 5 stars!

Do you like to stroll through gardens?

More Info:
Gibbs Gardens
1987 Gibbs Drive
Ball Ground, GA 30107



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