The Daughter of The Sea and The Sky Review


About: The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky is a fiction novel written by David Litwack. This book was published by Evolved Publishing on 4/12/14. This author also has written “Along the Watchtower” and “There Comes a Prophet”, which I have yet to read. The genre of The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky is Sci Fi & Fantasy, Young Adults and Teens.

My Experiences: I started reading this book on 9/7/14 and finished it at midnight on 9/11/14. The story got me worked up. I read continuously, trying to understand who the daughter of the sea and the sky is. It seems like only me want to find out who she is and what she is doing. I was hoping to like this book more. The cover of the book is awesome. The lack of detective work on Jason and Helene turns me off. I can’t fathom anyone would give up their life to take care of another child without knowing anything about her. It seems because the child is beautiful, anyone would put their job at risk or throw their future away to take care of the child no questions asked. What if the child is ugly? Would people do the same? All revealed at the end, while the beginning and what’s leading up to the end, are all working under pretense. I don’t like pretense.

Pros: well written, well organized, page turner, keeps you wanting more

Cons: the mystery behind the girl goes on forever unanswered

I rate it 3 stars!

Which fantasy book are you currently reading?

Grab yourself a copy anyway: Book Depository

**Disclaimer: I received this ebook for free from NetGalley in an exchange for an honest review.


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