Las Vegas! and Touring Hotels

My family and I went to Las Vegas in Nevada from 10/1/14 to 10/4/14. We traveled by Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines is a good airline provider. The trip takes 4.5 hours and we were treated with juice and cookies two times during the flight. We are allowed free 1 personal bag and 1 carry-on luggage. We walked a lot during this trip because we wanted to tour inside as many hotels as we can since each hotel has its own theme. We stayed in the Luxor Hotel because the pyramid looks so cool. I dislike the Resort Fees of $24.50 per night because we didn’t use the swimming pool at all. Other than that, the trip was a success. We walked the Las Vegas Strip, browse most hotels, watch the Mirage Hotel’s Volcano show, Bellagio Hotel’s Fountain show, Flamingo Hotel’s Habitat, and Venetian’s musical show. We couldn’t make it to Circus Circus Hotel to see the circus performance because that hotel is very North of the Las Vegas Strip and our legs and back were in pain from too much standing/walking to go that far.

Above picture is from the MGM Hotel. We didn’t go see the Lion, just browse around the Cafe. I like this mini aquarium.
Above picture is inside Excaliber Hotel. We didn’t eat at this restaurant. My family and I enjoy the Kids Fun Zone where we get to play lots of games for tickets and redeemed for prizes.

This hotel is Luxor. We stayed here, which is located in the South end of the Las Vegas Strip. I like this hotel a lot because they have a lot of statues. Very Egypt themed. This view is from the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
Dress is from Adrianna Papell. Bought from Marshall. (Similar here Adrianna Papell Women’s Lace Spliced Fit and Flare Dress, Navy, 4)
Shoe is from Born. (Similar here Born Women’s Astrid Green Full Grain Leather Sandal 6 M (B))
Cross-body bag is from Stone Mountain. (Similar here Denton Tote-PAPAYA (Papaya))
I did research of buffets before we arrived in Las Vegas and learned that Bacchanal Buffet is rated as the #1 Buffet of Las Vegas by USA Today News. I took my family for dinner there on the night we arrived. 4 Adults costs $220 plus tax. Very pricey. I didn’t took many pictures but the restaurant have a lot of different dishes. I’m not sure if there were exactly 500 dishes as USA Today News boasts but there were a lot. I ate crab legs, oysters, clams, salmon, noodles, the desserts below, and more. I doubt I eat $50 worth of food though. We pay before we are seated to eat. The restaurant also has a photograher who takes pictures of us after we paid. They sell the photographs for $25 that have the name of the restaurant at the bottom of our picture. I didn’t buy it. I thought it’s not worth it for me to pay $25 to advertise their restaurant for them. In fact, I feel it should be the other way around! This Bacchanal Buffet is located inside Caesar’s Palace. (Free advertise on here my blog anyway :-))

I bought 3 tickets for the Gondola Ride for my family and I. We had a great time. The boat ride was around inside the Venetian Hotel. They also sell tickets for a Gondola Ride outside of the hotel, but I didn’t join in it. The ticket inside per peson is $18.95.

Picture above is a bath of rose petals. So beautiful. It’s on the entrance to a restaurant inside Venetian Hotel. I believe the entrance has 6 of these baths, 3 on either side of the entrance.
Above picture is the ceiling inside Venetian Hotel. The picture is in that Grand Canal Shoppes. Really wild because the ceiling on the outside entrance of the hotel has these paintings as well.
Above picture is taken inside the Wynn Hotel. I love these flower balls. So beautiful!


3 thoughts on “Las Vegas! and Touring Hotels

  1. buddy71 says:

    it has been awhile since i have been to vegas as i just spend too much $$ there. lol
    i love buffets and end up eating way too much sea food as that is what i like the most.
    i live near several indian casinos and one has lobster buffets on tue/thurs and i have eaten there a couple of times and end up eating many lobsters! 🙂
    again you look great!

    Liked by 1 person

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