A Flirtatious Rendezvous Review


About: A Flirtatious Rendezvous is a fiction novel written by Cecilia Gray. This book is the 4th and last book in The Gentlemen Next Door Series. It was published on 10/4/12 by Gray Life LLC. The genre of this book is romance. This book is also a short story like the other books in the series, less than 10 chapters.

My Experiences: I started reading this book on 1/1/15 and finished it on 1/7/15. I enjoy reading this book a lot and it shouldn’t take me that long to read it, but somedays I just want to read the news, magazines, other bloggers, tweets, FB updates, and etc. A Flirtatious Rendezvous is a lovely book to read. It doesn’t really connect to any of the other books. The characters are different. I enjoy a lot, especially, of Lady Landale and her son Hayden, the smart conversations they have. They think outside of the box. When Hayden’s mom want something, she doesn’t flat out ask of it. She uses strategies to let Hayden discover for himself how he feels rather than telling him what she thinks or know or tell him what he must do. I have always admire people who can do that (although this way is longer and I am the kind of person that dive straight and to the point) and I absolutely love it when I can read both side of the conversations in books. The book is short and I just can’t get enough of Hayden-Hanna and Hayden-Lady Landale. This is a book that I don’t mind staying up late to read, and I did on the last couple of chapters.

Pros: intelligent conversations, intelligent minds, charming characters, fast-pace, page-turner, can’t get enough

Cons: none

I rate it 5 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository

***Disclaimer: I received this ebook for free from NetGalley in an exchange for an honest review.


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