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Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are having a good day. It’s been awhile since I post any entries about my travels or my outfits of the day.  I will start with my most recent travels where I went to Dallas, TX with my family and friend. The first photo is of me in front of the hotel where I slept for 3 nights. The hotel is comfortable. My view is of the highway and bridges/buildings under-constructions. My impressions of Dallas: big city, too many highways and bridges, toll-fees, a lot of roads/bridges/highways are under-constructions, lots of oriental stores/restaurants/shops, good variety of stores to shop, and many places to visit. As for living there, probably not for me. I like to live in a small city. I was confused with the roads there. When I missed an exit to get on a highway, the parallel bridge on the side will go the same way. Why the need for so many roads going the same way? One is with toll-fee, one is not but really jammed, and one is small one-lane road. Why not just make one big highway of 10 lanes?


Dress: Chaps|Purse: Stone Mountain|Sandal: Clarks


Below picture is of me inside Galleria Mall. A huge 4-story mall with an ice skating ring at the center of the mall. It has all brands there. I didn’t walk the entire mall and so I didn’t noticed a food court, but I do like that they have restaurants all over the mall. It’s less noisy and I can eat anytime rather than having to eat at a food court where it’s so noisy and smelly.


Below picture is of the mall and its 4-story with an ice skating ring. I was on the 4th floor when I took this picture. It’s a pretty awesome view.



2 thoughts on “Visit Dallas Texas

  1. buddy71 says:

    yes, i am reviewing your travel blogs. 🙂
    i hope you do not mind me going back through your posts. i have enjoyed reading about your adventures
    and you are truly a beautiful woman and i hope you dont freak out too much by me saying that. im not trying to be creepy. just telling you how i see you and you you hear it often from me as i feel you should be told those things.

    Liked by 1 person

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