Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

In March 2015, I have the opportunity to have a road trip to Hilton Head Island, SC. I went with my family. We stayed at Sonesta Resort. Behind the hotel was a beach and we walked out there twice a day. My kid loves to play in the sand and water. These pictures are taken in front of the hotel. I like these greenery. The trees reminds me of Savannah, Georgia. While we were there, we browse through the Tanger Outlet 1 & 2, explore the island, and restaurants. The drive into the island and out is peaceful. The road is pretty and the water under the bridge is pleasantly calm.


Where have you travel recently? I have started to love the road trips to nearby cities. There is really no need to waste money on flights if you don’t have time. Take advantage of the nearby cities because you will never know what if you have to relocate to another state for job reasons and then you find yourself wanting to travel to those cities later but by then you will have to book a flight to get there because it will be too far to drive. I realized my what-if statement is farfetched for many of you but, from my personal experience, I have moved to a few locations for work purposes already. So now, I am being productive in taking advantage of exploring in nearby cities.


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