@dultery Review – Memoir


About: @adultery is a memoir, a personal true story of a love affair written by Josh Einstein. In this book, Josh writes about himself, having met Rachel through Twitter and falling in love with her. Each side is married with children and each side is already unhappy in their marriage. Both had no intention or plans to find love online, but love sparks between them through their exchange of endless texts & emails. They found a way to meet each other in real life and that’s when love begins to grow and then stop and then grow again. The on & off switch occurs more often than the on/off switch I use for my front porch.

My Experience: I started reading this book on 5/18/15 and finished it on 6/1/15. This book has 402 pages, not the longest I have read, but it feels forever long and I couldn’t wait for it to end. I started out liking the book. The writing is great and lots happening. It becomes annoying when the guy keeps chasing after the girl when she was clearly playing games with him. I agree with the author about “love is blind” and this type of love do occur often. But being intelligent as he refers himself to be, he should have open his eyes after a few setbacks instead of blindly diving head on after something that clearly tells him he has no chance to win. One advice I would like to give to Josh is, a woman will not leave her well-to-do husband for a man who has nothing after his divorce. Even if Josh is smart, Josh has no million dollar house and bank account full of cash. From the outside looking in, Rachel does values money greatly because while she’s unhappy with her marriage, she would rather cheat than divorce him. She only divorce him when he doesn’t forgive her for cheating. Also, she was telling Josh about her house hunting, how she is interested in million dollar homes and thinking about taking on a second job so that she can earn more money. Josh, if you want the lady, you have to be that million dollar man she’s secretly looking for without openly asking for. Most importantly, keeping the relationship a secret doesn’t do well with Josh because he tells to Rachel’s husband, twitter friends, other guests at hotel/airport, or to anyone who would listen. Couger Rachel hides because Josh can’t keep a secret.

Things I learned from reading this book: Too much alcohol clouded judgement and cause interuption to thinking. Josh drinks when happy & unhappy.

Lacking from the main character: self-evaluation, situation-evaluation, evaluate family/friends advice on this relationship

I rate it 3 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository

***Disclaimer: I received this ebook for free, yet, unable to remember where from. I have my name added to a few free book websites and lost track of where the book came from. I appreciate having the opportunity to read for free and will give my honest opinion.


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