A New Coat of Leaves Review


About: A New Coat of Leaves is a juvenile fiction book about accepting the way we look. It was printed in Hong Kong in 1997 by Time Life Asia. This book is from a series called A Child’s First Library of Values and it is written by Sophie Kniffke.

My Experience: I started reading this book on 8/19/15 and finished it in around 20 minutes. I was browsing through the public library to look for books about cars and trucks requested by my son but stumble upon this book, A New Coat of Leaves. I like books that has moral teachings and I couldn’t leave this book behind even though my son specifically requested books about cars. I prefer him learning the values because values are important to everyday life. The cover and title caught my eyes and I was interested to know the story. I prefer to read the books first before reading it for my son if I could. This book is a good book and I am interested to share on my blog. This book is about a tree not happy with the leaves it has and wishes to have different color/type of leaves. His wishes comes true but at the end, what he is born with is best for him. Accepting who he is actually makes him happy.

Pros: learning to accept oneself

Cons: none

I rate it 5 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository

***Disclaimer: I borrowed this book from the public library and my opinions are honest.


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