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About: Cinder is a fiction novel and book 1 of the Lunar Chronicles written by Marissa Meyer. Book 2 is called Scarlet, book 3 is called Cress, book 3.5 is called Fairest, and book 4 is called Winter. There is also a short prequel .5 called Glitches, book 1.5 called The Queen’s Army, book .6 is called The Little Android, and book 4.5 is called Stars Above. Cinder was published in 1/3/2012 by Feiwel & Friends and it has 400 pages. The genres are young adult, fantasy, science fiction, and dystopia.

My Experience: I started reading this book on 8/24/2015 and finished it on 9/6/2015. I enjoy reading futuristic books but for some reason this book doesn’t capture my attention much. Cinder is for Cinderella, based upon the character of fairy tales we all grow up reading. This book is different because Cinderella is part cyborg – metal body parts. The unexpected part of my reading is that this book takes place in Beijing, China, in the future. The Cinderella we grow up reading is all poor to glamour but this Cinderella is not. She’s a cyborg & a mechanic. When she ran and lose her shoe, she falls to the floor and the prince got to see the real her. That was hard to imagine how embarrass she would be. There is humor in this book, but there are hardships. At least she loves one of her step sisters. Being the first book in the series, there are more to know in future books. I am looking forward to reading this whole series.

Pros: modified Cinderella, strong female lead, another reader gets in line for the prince

Cons: can’t imagine while reading because this book is very imaginative

I rate it 4 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository

***Disclaimer: I borrowed this book for free from my local public library. My opinions are honest.


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