Halfway Perfect Review

About: Halfway Perfect is a children’s fiction novel written by Julie Cross and Mark Perini. This book was published on 5/1/15 by Sourcebook Fire. Julie Cross is an author famous for her Tempest Series which I have yet to read. Mark Perini is also an author of Fifty First Times and has background in modeling industry. This book takes place in the modeling industry in New York.

My Experience: I started reading Halfway Perfect on 12/13/15 and finished it on 12/18/15. Reading this book allows me to think about what goes on in the model’s mind before pictures are taken, especially when they are in their underwear. In the past, when I look at pictures in magazines for fashion, I never thought that they may be nervous because they look so normal and even happy in their pictures. Sometimes I don’t understand why a model should be topless just to take a picture of his/her underwear. They could wear underwear with a tank top and advertise for an underwear. I bet it’s just for the photographer’s enjoyment. Anyway, this story is an okay read. I like that there are both side of views, like a diary format. I guess because of a children’s novel, the sex scene is so bland, only kiss the lips and the neck and then an hour later they lay around naked with clothes all over the floor. I feel like there’s not enough chemistry between Eve and Alex. There’s no tease, not enough flirt, not enough longing, not enough happy scenes together. Besides love, the story also give readers a glimpse of abuse. It’s a reminder that, when a person goes to work, no matter what the age is, they are being treated like a responsible adult because in reality, only adult goes to work. It’s vulnerable for children working in the modeling industry, in this case, because they are being managed and controlled by adults and some adults can be nasty and ruthless. This book also help to remind us to keep a happy and supportive family because it does wonders in shaping a person to be good. A world can’t never have too many good persons.

Pros: sending a positive message to readers, good reminders, learn something new in modeling industry, a model with an education in mind

Cons: the story doesn’t flow smoothly at times and the love scenes are bland

I rate it 4 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository



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