Fangirl Review

About: Fangirl is a fiction novel written by Rainbow Rowell. It was published in 2013 by St. Martin’s Griffin books. This author has many popular books that I can’t wait to read: Eleanor & Park, Attachments, and Carry On. The author lives in Omaha Nebraska. I have been to Omaha downtown once in the summer and it’s a nice city. The story takes place in Omaha and Lincoln, both cities are in Nebraska.

My Experience: I started reading Fangirl on 11/10/15 and finished it on 1/25/16. It shouldn’t take me this long, but it did. I borrowed this book from the library last year and read it up to page 291. Then this year, I borrowed the book again and finally finished it. It’s a good book but for some reason I just don’t gravitate towards it. I like the concept of the book. Fangirl introduces me to fan fictions. I didn’t realize that world existed. I could imagine myself being a fangirl of Harry Potter. I can relate myself to Cath, even I don’t have a twin, I couldn’t separate myself away from home for college, so I stayed in town. One thing I feel I don’t enjoy this book much is the start of each chapter with a passage of Cath’s fangirl of Baz & Simon. It’s different and unlike any books I have read, which is a plus, but, at the same time, I don’t like reading little snippets of a story. For every books I read, I don’t read the blurb/synopsis of the book because I enjoy the element of surprises. Anyhow, this book would still be a good read because these past years there have been so many good books coming out and it’s bound to make us a fan of if not the Lunar Chronicles then the Hunger Games, which I have yet to read.

Pros: fan fictions, college awkward, twin, friendship, family, fast paced, page turner, blog

Cons: nothing against the book or writing

I rate it 4 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository



***Disclaimer: I borrowed this book from the public library and my opinions are honest.

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