The Girl on the Train Review

About: The Girl on the Train is a suspense fiction novel written by Paula Hawkins. It was published in 2015 by The Penguin Group. The story is located in London, England. This is the author’s first thriller.

My Experience: I started reading The Girl on the Train on 1/26/16 and finished it on 1/31/16 at 6:15am. I truly enjoyed reading this book. I stayed up the whole night to read more than half of the book. It’s beautifully written. I was hooked to every word and every page of this book. I wanted to know what happens next and I couldn’t guess who the bad character was. Each character is very well described and I can imagine how they are. This book, though only have flawed characters, does have a good lesson for readers to take away after reading it. Normally I like positive characters with good things going for them but this book, the way Paula Hawkins writes, can make flawed characters worth reading. I learned that Anna, wouldn’t be my choice of friends in real life, don’t feel bad for dating a married man and even wanted to be caught so that she can feel better about herself because the husband choose her over his wife. I learned that Cathy is such a good friend even when her roommate wasted her life away, nice is great. I learned that Rachel, is on a whole other level, can be an example for many women. Her experiences are real and when she couldn’t have what she longed for, it can be devastating. I’m glad that at least she has one friend to keep her from going under. This book also reminds me that there are men that can be a real jerk sometimes and we shouldn’t be so trusting all the time no matter how close they are to us. I like this book especially more because it’s a thriller without the gruesome kills and a suspense without making the readers afraid to the point that I can’t read at night. I highly recommend this book. Another good read are The Passenger and Gone Girl.

Pro: lesson learned, page turner, suspense,

Con: minor spelling errors

I rate it 5 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository


***Disclaimer: I borrowed this book from the public library and my opinions are honest.

7 thoughts on “The Girl on the Train Review

  1. Complete Natural Clarity says:

    I’ve heard really good things about this book! Although thrillers aren’t my first pick, usually, I really want to give this one a go to give a new genre a try! This sounds like a good place to start. You know a book is great when you can’t put it down at night!


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