The Witches of Cambridge Review

About: The Witches of Cambridge is a fiction novel written by Menna Van Praag. The author was born and lives in Cambridge where this story takes place. Other books by this author are Men, Money, and Chocolate, The House on Hope Street, and The Dress Shop of Dreams. I enjoyed The Dress Shop of Dreams a great deal, click Here to read my reviews on it. The genre of this book is women’s fiction. It was published on 2/9/16 by Random House Publishing Group and the book has 306 pages long.

My Experience: I started reading The Witches of Cambridge on 1/26/16 and finished it on 2/10/16. This book has a slow start and introduces a lot of characters every chapters towards the beginning of the book. Once all the characters are in place, the story took off and it became an enjoyable read. This book has magical characters where each character has his/her own specialty. There were some parts of the book I don’t like. This girl Noa, due to her gift/curse, she is left friendless/loveless. So when a guy takes an interest in her, she gives herself to him right away – too desperate. Another part I don’t like is Eliot, Amandine’s husband, finding out about the teenager, and just accept his part in it. In this days and age, when the teen’s mom is a drunk, you would think twice to get proof before you accept responsibility. I like that the story covers visiting used bookstore and finding classic books with previous owner’s notes on the margins of the book. I do that to my university books, but not novels. Didn’t realize people do that. I am interested to start reading one of the classics from Earnest Hemingway after this read.

Pro: book club, loyalty, love, friendship, fast paced, good witches

Con: slow start, a lot of new characters to learn all at once and try to remember

I rate it 4 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository



***Disclaimer: I received this book through an invitation from the publisher via NetGalley and my opinions are honest.

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