Gone Girl Review

About: Gone Girl, 422 pages, is a fiction thriller and a suspense novel written by Gillian Flynn. The genre is mystery fiction. This book was published in 4/22/2014 by Crown Publishing Group. There is a movie based on this book starring Ben Affleck made available in 2014. The author is from Missouri and does journalism before becoming an author. The two main characters in this book writes too and one of the place they live is in Missouri.

My Experience: I started reading Gone Girl on 2/10/16 and finished it on 3/12/16. Sure took me a month to completely read this book. A little weird to be studying his wife’s head starting out, almost as if the author is pushing us readers to believe he’s the bad guy. I read this book without any expectations except knowing that many people referenced this book when they reviewed The Girl on the Train. The layout of the book with the date is similar but the twisted story was definitely unexpected. I have many thoughts on this book, yet, having a hard time putting it into words. The crazy but truthful thing about girls/guys changing into different personalities just to fit in with each other is a reminder of why some boyfriends looking bored at the mall so that their girlfriends could feel happy shopping and girlfriends having to prepare snacks or watch sports so the guys could feel happy. The things we do, often are compromise, rather than pretend to be interested, but it could be viewed as pretend. One good thing mentioned in this story is how the girl is smart and it helps the guy to keep up and challenge himself. However, the psycho part is just unnatural to me and I hope there aren’t a lot of people like that out there in this world. In the end, I believe there isn’t a compromise, but girls always want their man to follow their ways. Just like the toilet seat cover, why is it a requirement that guys have to put it down? Whoever uses the toilet set up the toilet cover to how he/she likes it. Is that such a big deal? I often see on sitcoms about women getting mad over their guy’s unintentionally leaving the toilet seat cover up. People problems are a puzzle to solve, and it’s not easy because everybody is different. The girl, Amy, in my opinion, is an ungrateful psycho. Her parents made money from using her name but they gave her a wealthy life and she dislike them for using her as a base of their story. Without the story, she would be poor and learn couponing and of course, I can’t imagine the type of person like her would enjoy that. It’s tough being parents. There are so much info in this world to know, she should not blame her parents for not teaching her, but she should learn to self taught. Ungrateful people just irritate me. To sum it up, Gillian Flynn writes an awesome story because it cause my emotions to go haywire. I recommend this read. Borrow the book though, because the characters are unlikable and I wouldn’t want to keep them on my bookshelf. Another good thriller to read are The Girl on the Train and The Passenger.

Pros: suspense, puzzle, strategy, detective, fast-paced

Cons: biased to start the story with the guy looking guilty

I rate it 4 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository

***Disclaimer: I borrowed this book from my local public library and my opinions are honest.


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