Florida Botanical Garden in Largo, FL

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In 2015, I have the opportunity to visit Florida with my family, Clearwater Beach to be exact. Future post on Clearwater Beach experiences coming soon. It was a road trip and it was great. During the trip, I wanted to visit a botanical garden because Florida is so warm that there should be a lot of beautiful botanical gardens to tour. I was so happy to find one that was close by Clearwater Beach. This garden, not only free admission to all, but it’s breathtaking. I really wanted to tour the whole thing, but I couldn’t because my little boy was ready to go after a few hours. Every area I walked through, I loved it. I love to visit Botanical Gardens because they are lovely to look at. While I was there, especially by the pond and in the shade with those lawn white wooden chairs, I just wanted to sink myself in it with a good book. I just wish I live close by and have all the time in the world so I could go there to relax.

This tree is so awesome! I have never seen one like it before.

This heart is nice. There was a cupid and a bear too. It was very sunny so I didn’t have a good picture taken of them.

This bench, how amazing it is! I am just mesmerize by it.

There are many bridges at this botanical garden. I like the water lilies.

I like these board walks. They are so fun! Nature up close and personal!
  There were so many details. This garden is very well cared for and designed. I just love every corners.
Wouldn’t you like to have a bumble bee to photobomb your photos? Hahaha!
  I definitely love the rose garden. Just love it!
Dress is from Ralph Lauren. Sandal is from Born. Hat is from Walmart.

Florida Botanical Gardens
12520 Ulmerton Rd
Largo, FL 33774
(727) 582-2100

I rate this Botanical Garden 5 stars!

Pro: free, beautiful, big – all day tour

Con: none


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