The Hunger Games Review

About: The Hunger Games, 374 pages, is an adventure novel written by Suzanne Collins. This is book one of the series of 3 books (1. The Hunger Games, 2. Catching Fire, and 3. Mockingjay). They all have been re-created into movies. The first book was published in 9/14/2008, second in 9/1/2009, and third in 8/24/2010 by Scholastic Inc. Suzanne Collins, you wrote an amazing story! If you had a prettier book cover, I would have read this book a long time ago. My mistake for putting off on reading this outstanding book.

My Experience: I started reading The Hunger Games on 6/13/16 and finished it on 6/16/16. It’s really an awesome read. I had no idea because the cover of the book is almost boring to look at. I need to remember to not judge a book by its cover because O.M.G. this book is amazing. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. Had I started reading this book on a Saturday, I can imagine finishing it by the end of the day. It was so hard to put it down to go to sleep and put it down to go to work. I’m so glad I own this book because I already want to read it again. I enjoy the humor in this book, the characters, the slight romance, and the story line. The book is very captivating, action filled, and keeps me wanting more. I think of it when I go to sleep and yearn to continue reading when I wake up. This book is like a drug to me. The Hunger Games reminds me of the TV show, Survivor or Lost because it takes place in the woods. The other side of this book is a bit sad because rich people can use poor people as pawns for their entertainment and there’s nothing the poor can do about it. Being poor is sad no matter in which universe it is. Here is my review on the second book Catching Fire and the third book Mockingjay.

Pro: entertaining, captivating, action-filled, page turner, fast paced,

Con: none

I rate it 5 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository

***Disclaimer: I bought this book with my own money and my opinions are honest.


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