Catching Fire Review

About: Catching Fire, 391 pages, is an adventure novel written by Suzanne Collins. This is book two of the series of 3 books (1. The Hunger Games, 2. Catching Fire, and 3. Mockingjay). They all have been re-created into movies. The first book was published in 9/14/2008, second in 9/1/2009, and third in 8/24/2010 by Scholastic Inc. I have yet to watch any of these movies.

My Experience: I started reading Catching Fire on 6/17/16 and finished it on 6/21/16. I must say, the first half of this book is a slow-go for me and the second half is where I enjoy the book the most because it’s when the suspense and adventure starts. This book definitely left readers hanging. Luckily I don’t have to wait a whole year for the third book, so it’s a plus to wait to read the series when all books are available. I like the twist in this book, some part do make me grit my teeth, but other parts leave me in awe. I like that Katniss evaluate her situation often, to understand and figure out problems and solutions. While she scrutinize the game and the situation, she fails to realize that she’s keeping both guys heart at her disposal. They are important to keeping herself and her family safe. (Looking at a parent’s perspective: if you have a daughter like Katniss, you raise a good person because she brings in all the help, but if you have a son like Peeta, you are on your own because he’s only looking out for the girl and not at all caring for his own family’s safety. Ok, enough rant). I like that the game is not all about killing even though only one person can survive. I like that the author allow the characters to be clever, by giving them intellectual to think of different ways to survive without killing because there are many chances the kill can be done. Here is my review on the first book The Hunger Games and the final book Mockingjay.

Pro: clever characters, interesting attacks, enough suspense and adventures

Con: slow start first half of the book

I rate it 4 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository

***Disclaimer: I bought this book with my own money and my opinions are honest.


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