Lumiere Review

About: Lumiere, 335 pages, is a fiction novel written by Jacqueline Garlick. This is a series of 3 books called The Illumination Paradox: 1. Lumiere, 2. Noir, and 3. Soleil. Lumiere was published on 8/11/15 by Skyscape. The genre is Sci Fi & Fantasy, Teens and YA. The author has written many other books as well.

My Experience: I started reading Lumiere on 6/27/16 and finished it on 6/30/16. I like the idea of the book. Urlick invents interesting machines and collect odd things in his house. Eyelet and her family is gifted. The start of the book is hard to follow but once Eyelet meet Urlick, the story picks up. The story don’t flow so well. Once when they were supposedly trying to get away from the Vapours that destroy anything in its path, they are out in the open, but yet have time to sit down and open up to each other about their secrets. And when they journeyed to Brethen, to the Academy in search of Eyelet’s dad’s notes, the trip should be dangerous, but Urlick has time to explain his messenger invention without time constraints. When they near arrived at the Academy, while arguing about whether magic exists, the raven bird just decided to drop down a letter from her dad that proved to be very useful in finding her father’s notes. The read could be more fascinating if everything flow well together. In this case, things happened to drop in unannounced, either to solve a riddle or an event happening. I like that the book has different point of views between the two main characters. I like their fun and smart chat. The cutest is Urlick’s reaction to every time he caught himself looking at the girl’s thigh or bosoms. Even Flossie’s sharp tongue is funny. The cover of this book is gorgeous.

Pro: interesting idea, characters with a  sharp tongue,

Con: the story doesn’t flow well

I rate it 3.5 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository

***Disclaimer: I received this ebook for free from NetGalley and my opinions are honest.


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