Solace Review

About: Solace, 262 pages, is a fiction novel written by Therin Knite. The genre is young adult, time travel, fantasy, and suspense. The author is a recent graduate and has published a few other books. Solace was published 1/7/2015 by Knite and Day Publishing. There are 2 covers for this book, this cover with the light blue and the other darker tone with the girl wearing a black dress. Both covers shows the girl overdressed beneath the surface of the water, but in the book, she’s most often under glam.

My Experience: I started reading Solace on 6/30/16 and finished it on 7/19/16. I picked this book up solely on the cover, but the cover is misleading because what Corina, the main character’s experience, is anything but beauty. I like the time travel idea. Going back through time, tough events of her dad’s life, to get to know him and experience the hardship with him, most often, rescuing him, because Corina grows up without her dad at all. Reading 90% into the book and still no explanation as to where the “old man” comes from and why he does what he does. Also, at 90%, you still don’t know much about Corina’s mom and her intentions or explanations as to why she does what she does, such as not taking Corina to visit the city where her dad grows up. The start of the book is slow and there’s no romance whatsoever for a young adult book, not even a crush or a flirt anywhere in sight. The author is good in describing the scenes of riots and war zones and experiences of real life versus what we see on televisions. I like when the author writes about Lu’s reaction to seeing Corina the second time. He stares, she eats, he stares, she finishes the sandwich, and he stares. I enjoy the humor in the father-daughter chat greatly. I also enjoy some parts of the narrative, about the rich having the access of the back door to get good jobs while others either unemployed or go through the process of eliminations. This book has the good and the bad, but all in all, it’s still a good read. It reminds us readers to be compassionate for the professionals.  A doctor saves everyone, good and bad, no discrimination. Appreciate your life without war because when war comes, destruction gets loose and goes wild. In the next memorial holiday weekend, I will appreciate the fallen soldiers a bit more because more lives can be saved if all of us can live in harmony.

Pro: humor and witty conversations, compassionate for others safety, time travel

Con: too much narrative on the war

I rate it 4 stars!

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***Disclaimer: I received this ebook for free via NetGalley for review and my opinions are honest.

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