Throw Away Girls Review

About: Throw Away Girls is a suspense/thriller/fiction novel written by Jennifer Vaughn. This is book 1 in The Jaycee Wilder series. This book was published on 7/2/2016 by Waldorf Publishing, 348 pages. This book focuses on a crime spree, a killer on the loose, and a reporter working with a police to find the killer and showcase it on the news. The author is an evening anchor herself and won multiple awards, just like Jaycee Wilder, the main character in this book.


My Experience: I started reading Throw Away Girls on 7/20/16 and finished it on 8/2/16 at 1AM. This book does have the suspense and thriller tone to the narrative and actions. I held my breath and grit my teeth when I read it. The crimes are detailed and there are detailed point of views from different characters in this book. I always like when the author does that, letting me know personally, how each character feels at a given situation. The explicit content is not for someone with a weak heart to read, unless you read/watch 48 hours mystery shows and read the crime news then you will be able to handle this book.

I have read many 48 hours mystery episodes so I am not unfamiliar with the events in this book. It’s well written and engaging. Jaycee is a tough girl, focus on her job, and a little beyond. I like Van, when he makes references to CSI Miami shows. Ben, a character like many real life individuals I have read about on the news. Barton and Zander, interesting fellows. One thing that cause me to give one star less is Jaycee. She’s not as smart or clever as intended. When she becomes the target and started getting paranoid of her surroundings and start looking for the killer, she should have dig into everyone she suspects. If she’s smart and check the background of her sources, like she did with Barton, she would have check out other people too. She thought of the resemblance, but dismissed it. I think this part could be done differently. I understand friends are set aside immediately, but so many facts presents itself before it happened. Somehow she lets her guard down at that moment.

The ending is ok. I think it could have been better if Barton was more involved. He can’t be responsible for the same occurrence this time around like it happened to him before, because he’s nowhere involved. Overall, it’s still a good read and maybe the second book will be an improvement.


Pro: cringe worthy, fast paced, CSI, reporters, crime, brave, dedication,

Con: the revealing could be better and the main character need to keep her intellect consistent throughout the book, not just beginning and ending

I rate it 4 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository

Have you read this book yet? What do you think?

***Disclaimer:  A special thanks to Waldorf Publishing, The Author, and NetGalley for providing this ebook for review. I assure you my opinions are honest.


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