Decades of Doubt Review

About: Decades of Doubt: The John McCabe Murder Saga, inspired by CBS 48 Hours Murder Mystery, is a non-fiction book written by Eric Wilson with John Turner. This book was published on 8/1/2016 by Waldorf Publishing, 400 pages. I think this book was released to the market on 8/15/2016. The genres are true crime, non-fiction, tv, and mystery. Eric Wilson is a criminal defense and litigation attorney and a partner of his own law firm. Waldorf Publishing is a company that started by a professional race car driver, Barbara Terry. The name Waldorf came from her dog, yellow Labrador.


My Experience: I have this book’s picture taken with the muscadines because I thought the color goes well together. When I heard of this book and how it was inspired by CBS 48 Hours Mystery, I was super excited. I read a lot of their episodes, possibly almost all of them. I like to read the full episodes because the story is long and all info are in one article. This book, is more detailed and much longer than those articles. The timeline from when the victim was killed to when the killer was caught is perfect. This crime occurred in 1969 but the killer was not proven guilty until decades later. It’s very tough for the victim’s parents having to endure for so long. The read reminds me of how life used to be so simple back in the days, hitchhiking were the norms, nowadays, we don’t hear that type of travel much anymore because it’s not safe. I like that the authors allows us readers to see how the police handle the investigations throughout the years, even when the case became cold. It’s fun to read St. Peter’s thoughts during interrogations. Behind every crime, there’s a story to tell, but in each crime, no matter how naughty the person is, most people would say they don’t deserve to die and the power to kill doesn’t belong to another person. I’m not sure what my take on this. Since this book is a non-fiction, it is harder to read than a fiction book. It’s harder when the investigation stalled and the police try out different leads but ends up nowhere. I understand a book has to show the success and the failure of the police investigations to explain the decades of inactivity, but that can become dull and lose the readers’ attention. I enjoyed reading through the trial to prove if the person is guilty or not, even though it can be boring. I had first hand experience in this area. I was a jury on a murder case for one week. I like the close up experience as much as reading the details in this book, but it’s tough to hold my interest long. I admire lawyers and other professionals who can do this. The dead always need a speaker to defend them and the killer should not get away from the crime. I’m surprised how good people can lie and how honesty can be easily overlooked. People may often think the defense lawyers are the ones to let the killer get away, but in cases where the innocent ends up in jail for the crime they didn’t commit. Thank you Eric Wilson, for having the thick skin to withstand this kind of profession. This book is well written; however, I think paralegals, lawyers, and police officers may enjoy this read more than fiction novel lovers like me. In other words, boring people may enjoy this book more than interesting people like me hahaha.. just kidding.


I rate it 4 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository

***Disclaimer: Thank you to Waldorf Publishing for reaching out to me via email to offer me this paperback book in an exchanged for an honest review. I am honored and happy to accept. This is my first real book directly from the publisher and I am thrilled. I would like to thank the author, Eric Wilson, for your generous offer as well and for continue doing what you do best.


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    • Jasmine says:

      Yes. These fruits only exists in the south of USA. When I lived in Wisconsin, I didn’t know of them. It’s almost like grapes, except the skin is thick and sour. Thanks and yes it’s pretty exciting to get a package in the mail and hold the hard copy in my hands. 🙂 This is the reward for reading and writing reviews and I think I’m loving it hehehe.. Have you gotten any in the mail?


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