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Hi Everyone!

Since you love to read books, you may have already know the many outlets to find books to read. There are two specific places to go for advance reader copy (ARC): NetGalley and Edelweiss. Please go to both places to sign up for an account if you would like to read new books for free and don’t mind spending the time to write a review after you read it.



Pros: website is easy to navigate, approved books doesn’t expire, auto-approval benefits, receive badges for reviews and challenges, able to see which book is most requested, you can keep the ebooks forever, no need to tell the reason why you request the title, seems to have more titles

Cons: not able to add friends or private message, publisher can see your declined requests,

Keep up with your Feedback Ratio to obtain a 80% & Top Reviewer badges!



Pros: able to add friends, private messaging, and see friends’ activities, the new plus version is much easier to navigate, no feedback ratio to worry about, import feedbacks from Goodreads to Edelweiss as well as export a file to your computer, a lot more details to each book, seems to have better titles

Cons: expiration date to read and review, bluefire app is not good (use kindle, bluefire doesn’t allow me to access the book after expired, not sure if same goes with kindle), you have to state the reason why you request the arc, no badges received


Here is where you go to see the status of your approved books. You go to Review Copies and on the right side you will see requests approved, pending, declined, and downloaded. The second image shows the details of my downloaded titles. See the pink arrows there? That’s where you can see how many days you have to read and review the book. You can see the last book, The Thousandth Floor shows that I no longer have access to it. If you look at Wrecked, you can see that I have 6 days to read and review this book. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to read and review the last book because I was not aware of the expiration date and I tried the bluefire app and it doesn’t allow me to open the file.


Common between the two places: You can have a profile, picture, and download ebooks to your kindle app or kindle. You can send feedbacks directly on the site. You can browse by category and publishers. They both do have the same books and do have different books too. Make sure you are requesting different books in each places so you can have more books to read!

Enjoy your ARCs everyone! Thank you Stephanie @ TeacherofYA for your contribution to this post! Couldn’t have done it without you!


13 thoughts on “Read FREE Books!

  1. irena_bookdustmagic says:

    Great post!
    I prefer Netgalley bc I get approved there, and on Edelweiss I don’t get approved often, I’m probably doing something wrong.
    So I kind of gave up on that site, but I still do send review request from time to time bc there’s always hope…


  2. TeacherofYA says:

    I had a book called Railhead that was amazing, and it was only available through Bluefire. So I downloaded it. When I went back later to check out the book, I no longer had access to it! Bogus! Just like what you said. Nope. Kindle files do not do this. Once you have the book, you own it forever. That’s why I like Kindle.
    And here’s a cool tip: if an author ever emails you a free book (or through InstaFreebie), and you just normally click on a link in the email to download it, it won’t sync to your other books. But if you forward the emailed book to your Kindle email address, it acts more like a book and will sync your progress across devices. I learned that handy tip through a Goodreads member awhile ago. It’s awesome.

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