Gulf Shores Beach 

Hi Everyone! This weekend I brought An Ember in the Ashes with me to Gulf Shores. It’s my first time there. I went with my family. We had a great time!

At 8:30AM Sunday 9/25/16, the beach was a little empty. The sand is soft and not yet hot from the sun. It was a nice walk!

I see so many fishes right on the shores of the beach. I really needed a net!! hehe..

I walked along the shores and feel the water.. it feels so great!

I don’t love walking in the sand around noon to 3pm.. it’s really hot and I feel my feet burns!

We stayed at Hampton Inn in Foley, AL and they offer free breakfast! I love complimentary breakfast! haha

I like walking through Tanger Outlet Mall in Foley, AL. This outlet mall is huge!

This Tanger Outlet Mall has a lot of benches with the shade at the top. I love sitting here reading my book and occasionally staring at the palm trees! I love the breeze! 🙂

This family owned restaurant is real fun to dine in. Servers walked around in their uniform and toss dinner rolls to you.. they also pass out additional food: fried okra, fried potatoes, black eye peas, etc.. I had Chicken Dumplings and it’s delicious!

My family and I went to the Gulf Shores beach Saturday and Sunday and we had a great time! It’s a great weekend trip.

I just love the sand! 🙂

I’m glad to be able to share with you all a few pictures from my weekend road trip. I realized it’s not a book review or a book tag, but you know I brought a book with me to read at the hotel 🙂

Hope your weekend was great!


27 thoughts on “Gulf Shores Beach 

      • CarlaIrene says:

        Haha, I know. For this semester I have a list of YA that I have to get to for a class (I’m working on my MLIS). Luckily, I got to pick most of the books, but I have to get through these 20 by November 28! I’m on the 6th book so far. 🙂 So for now, the books on my blog will be from that list. When winter break comes along, it’s on!

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