The Fir Tree Review


About: The Fir Tree is a fiction picture children’s book written by Hans Christian Andersen, translated by Tiina Nunnally, and illustrated by Sanna Annukka. This book is the First American Edition, published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Crown Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House in 2004, hardcover, 42 pages. This title was originally published in 10/28/1970 titled Grantraeet. The author was born in Odense, Denmark in 1805 and when he died at the age of 70, the king and crown prince of Denmark attended his funeral.


Summary from the book: A little fir tree realizes too late that it did not appreciate the grand moments of life, such as being a Christmas tree, while they were happening.

line3My Experience: I started reading The Fir Tree for my 5-year-old son on 11/15/16 and finished it on 11/20/16. This book sends a good message to all readers that we should cherish and live each day as if it’s our last day on earth. What the little fir tree did in this book was only looking forward to what will happen next that he did not pay attention to what is currently happening. When he looks back, he realizes that life was actually great. Readers follow the point of view of the little fir tree, from beginning until the end of its life journey. This book is great for teens and adult readers because of the meaning on life. It’s not a positive read for kids because of it not loving itself for being small, of it being locked up in the attic in the dark with only mice as friends, of it being stepped on by kids, and of being burned alive.

“Take pleasure in us!” said the air and the sunlight. “Take pleasure in your fresh youth out in the open!” p.14

line3Pro: each day to live life to the fullest

Con: self-conscious, looking forward for something better, not accepting for what is in front, no family or friends

I rate it 4 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository

***Disclaimer: I received this book via and my opinions are honest. Many thanks to the author & publisher for the opportunity to read and review.


15 thoughts on “The Fir Tree Review

    • Jasmine says:

      I should have taken some pictures of the book to show the illustration. Thanks for the idea! Illustration is fancy for adults rather than for children I think. It’s similar like the cover, block style in different colors. Interesting observation about old books. I will pay attention next time I read another one 😊


      • Nikkha says:

        Thanks for adding the illustration! I like the illustration very much but I don’t know if children will like it, but it’s colorful at least.

        Oh yeah, can you tell your experience with
        If you already have a post about it, can you link it to me? Thanks!

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        • Jasmine says:

          This is my first book from that website. I just go there and sign up then browse through their list of books and pick one out to request. They mailed it to my home and I read it and post my review on their website along with my blog, and on Amazon. Their website has all info and step by step instructions when you sign up.


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