Around America to Win the Vote Review 

Synopsis from Candlewick Press:
In April 1916, Nell Richardson and Alice Burke set out from New York City in a little yellow car, embarking on a bumpy, muddy, unmapped journey ten thousand miles long. They took with them a teeny typewriter, a tiny sewing machine, a wee black kitten, and a message for Americans all across the country: Votes for Women! The women’s suffrage movement was in full swing, and Nell and Alice would not let anything keep them from spreading the word about equal voting rights for women. Braving blizzards, deserts, and naysayers—not to mention a whole lot of tires stuck in the mud—the two courageous friends made their way through the cities and towns of America to further their cause. One hundred years after Nell and Alice set off on their trip, Mara Rockliff revives their spirit in a lively and whimsical picture book, with exuberant illustrations by Hadley Hooper bringing their inspiring historical trek to life.

The author of Mesmerized delivers another fascinating glimpse into history, this time the story of two brave suffragists on a trek across America to spread the word: Votes for Women!


About: Around America to Win the Vote: Two Suffragists, a Kitten, and 10,000 Miles is a Children’s picture book written by Mara Rockliff and illustrated by Hadley Hooper. It was published on 8/2/16 by Candlewick Press, 40 pages. The genres are picture books, non-fiction, history, biography, and childrens. Please see below for more info about the author.


My Experience: I started reading Around America to Win the Vote for my 5 year-old son on 1/9/17 as his bedtime story. The next night, his dad read this book for him again before bed because he loved it so much. I read for him again on 1/12/17 because we loved the illustrations and the travel a lot. It’s definitely a great book to teach kids about history and respect for what women can do. The cool yellow car really did the trick in grabbing the kid’s attention. We both noticed how everyone wear a hat! One thing I wish the author could do was to include what is famous in each state or what the women collected as their souvenirs from each state that they passed through. The picture of the map shows GA and a peach, which is great, but what about other states? I really like the history background at the end of the book too, but since there’s no picture, my kid lost interest. Also, it would have been great if the picture indicate what the building represent in each state. I’m not sure if the landmark is famous in that state or if the illustration is just random. Overall, it’s a great children’s picture book to learn about what women did in 1916. I highly recommend this book for all kids!


Pro: non-fiction, history, women strength & bravery, illustrations, travel, USA map,

Con: lack of info of each state as they passed through 15 states from NY to CA

I rate it 4.5 stars!

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About the Author:


Mara Rockliff is the author of many books for children, including Mesmerized, Anything But Ordinary Addie, Chik Chak Shabbat, and Me and Momma and Big John, winner of a Golden Kite Award. Mara Rockliff lives in eastern Pennsylvania with her family. (Info taken from Candlewick Press).

Please click on the author’s name to read more about her at her website. Also click on Candlewick above to bring you to the publisher’s website.

***Disclaimer: Many thanks to Candlewick Press for the opportunity to read and review. Please assure that my opinions are honest.


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