Lego: Knights Academy – The Forbidden Power Review 

Synopsis from Edelweiss:

An original, illustrated middle-grade novel series set in the world of LEGO(R) NEXO KNIGHTS(TM) crafted by the hilarious and talented Max Brallier!

An all-new series from Max Brallier, the mind behind Eerie Elementary and The Last Kids on Earth. The LEGO(R) NEXO KNIGHTS(TM) original fiction series is set in the world of Knighton — familiar to readers but offering up all-new characters that will delight fans. Perfect for fans of Star Wars: Jedi Academy and DC Comics Secret Hero Society.

About: Lego: Knights Academy – The Forbidden Power is a juvenile’s fiction novel written by Max Brallier and illustrated by Alessandro Valdrighi. It was published on 1/31/17 by Scholastic Inc, hardcover, 192 pages. This book is intended for kids ages 7 to 10 and grades 2 to 5. Scholastic’s mission is to “encourage the intellectual and personal growth of all children, beginning with literacy.” Please see below for more information about the author.

My Experience: I started reading Lego: Knights Academy – The Forbidden Power as a bedtime story for my 5 years old son on 3/13/17 and finished it on 3/31/17. We both enjoyed this book greatly. It has actions and adventures. It has humors and friendships. My son likes the illustrations in this book and I do appreciate having them in every chapter because it keeps my son’s attention glued into the story. He really likes the story and often couldn’t put it down. Once in awhile, I read a page in the morning as a tool to wake him up. It works!

In this book, readers will follow Fletcher (Fletch) Bowman, leaving his orphanage to attend Knights Academy, a school training to become knights. There he met Isabella (Izzy) Richmond, a clumsy celebrity dodging away from the squirebots and they didn’t just ended up become friends because they both happened to hide behind a tree together (lol). From there on, their adventures begins. Fletch has had this feeling in his stomach that he doesn’t like to tell anyone about and often feels uncomfortable of. Izzy is so accepting and when she noticed Fletch looking not himself due to the feeling, she encourages him to follow the feeling. When Fletch finally acknowledges his feelings and follows it, it leads them to an unforgettable adventure filled with unexpected powers and destructions. Fletch fears he may even get kicked out of the school if he couldn’t fix the trouble he got everyone in. He doesn’t know whether to quit and go home to something he’s familiar with or stay to face his fears and challenge the unknown.

This book is definitely a great read! I like Izzy and her positive outlook. She’s always up for anything and very accepting of others. Fletch is an orphan and have never had any friends. He doesn’t like partnering up for class projects because he worries no one want to be his partner. I think many kids can relate to him. My son likes the adventures and I love the humors in this book. I can’t wait until my son can read this book on his own. Every story has a mean guy who bullied and this book has it too. We laugh when the mean guy, Zilgo, got scared and run away when the Rogul shows up. I highly recommend this book to all readers.

Pro: adventure, friendship, knight school, power, action, mystery, humor, illustrations, fast paced, couldn’t put down, adrenaline rush, teamwork

Con: none

I rate it 5 stars!

Grab yourself a copy here: Book Depository

About the Author:

Max Brallier is the author of more than twenty books for children, including the Galactic Hot Dogs and The Last Kids on Earth middle-grade series. Under the pen name Jack Chabert, he is the creator and author of the Eerie Elementary series with Scholastic Branches. Max lives in New York City with his wife, Alyse. (Info obtained from Edelweiss & photo obtained from Simon & Schuster’s website).

More Information about Scholastic:

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***Disclaimer: Many thanks to Scholastic for the opportunity to read and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest.


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