5 Days Break – Didn’t Read a Word.

Hi Everyone! Last week was my Thanksgiving break and I took my family to Disney World in Florida. We went to Magic Kingdom on Thanksgiving Day and Epcot Center on Black Friday. It was crowded and some rain but still fun. We watched many live shows and parades. Magic Kingdom is an absolute best. I also enjoyed Epcot Center, especially the Soarin’ ride and the Chinese Acrobats.

On Saturday morning, my family enjoyed breakfast with Goofy, Micky, and Minnie at the Four Seasons Hotel & Resort. These 3 pictures are surrounding the hotel. Excellent view and awesome hotel. I didn’t sleep there this time though.. maybe after I win the lottery haha because I heard it costs $700 per night.

The bad thing about vacation away from home is, I couldn’t read any of the books I brought with me. I was optimistic and brought along 4 books with me. I can’t read in the car (10 hours road trip) because I get motion sickness. It was a reunion, 4 families, and we rented a 5 bedroom house. It was fun. Sunday afternoon we arrived back home but I can only handle reading news instead of getting lost in stories. Hopefully today I will be able to get back to my stories. How was last week for you?


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