Between the Blade and the Heart Review – Blog Tour & Giveaway

Hi Everyone! I am super excited to host BETWEEN THE BLADE AND THE HEART’s Blog Tour & giveaway today. Thank you so much st. martin’s press for inviting me to take part in BETWEEN THE BLADE AND THE HEART by Amanda hocking’s blog tour! I appreciate the opportunity to read, review, and host a blog tour with a giveaway! (Giveaway rules: 1 usa winner only, finished paperback copy, ends 1/20/18 midnight – Rt&follow my twitter @howusefulitis to win).

Synopsis from St. Martin’s Press:

Game of Thrones meets Blade Runner in this commanding new YA fantasy inspired by Norse Mythology from New York Times bestselling author Amanda Hocking.

As one of Odin’s Valkyries, Malin’s greatest responsibility is to slay immortals and return them to the underworld. But when she unearths a secret that could unravel the balance of all she knows, Malin along with her best friend and her ex-girlfriend must decide where their loyalties lie. And if helping the blue-eyed boy Asher enact his revenge is worth the risk—to the world and her heart.

About: Between the Blade and the Heart is a young adult fantasy written by Amanda Hocking. It will be published on 1/2/18 by Wednesday Books, an imprint of St. Martin’s Press, 336 pages. The genres are young adult, fantasy, mythology, and fiction. This book is intended for readers ages 12 to 18. This is book one to a duology. The second book, From the Earth to the Shadows is expected to published in April 2018. Please see below for more information about the author.

My Experience: I started reading Between the Blade and the Heart on 12/9/17 and finished it on 12/18/17. This book is a great read! It’s my second Norse Mythology inspired read after Beyond a Darkened Shore. I’m still not too thrilled with this Norse mythology because there are so many terms for names, places, and things I can’t pronounce and so many demons/gods/in-between I’m not so inclined to get to know. Other than that, I enjoy the story and I like following Malin’s adventures. I like that Malin is independent and in control of herself. I like the way the story is moving, it is like a little puzzle that lead forward from one step to another.

This book is told in the first person point of view, following Malin Krigare, 19, a Valkyrie with the responsibility to execute immortals and return them to the underworld. The reason to kill off the immortals is because there isn’t enough space for everyone on earth. In this new world where immortals and mortals co-exists and if the immortals are left to live forever then the earth will be over capacity. Malin’s mother, Marlow, also is an immortal executioner. As a Valkyrie, she has more strengths than others and the vengeance for her death is even riskier because she’s slaying other’s loved ones. One day, Asher Varja give a surprised visit to Malin and wanted vengeance against Malin’s mom, Marlow. Marlow didn’t kill an immortal, who in turn becomes dangerous and killed Asher’s mom. Now Malin and her mom have to help Asher chase down that immortal to get rid of him so that Asher can find closure, but more happened than what they bargained for.

This book is well written and developed. I enjoy the humor. I actually enjoy the love triangle in this book, especially the awkward moments when the three are together. I like Oona, Malin’s best friend/roommate and her ability with crystals. The romance is a bit quick for my liking, but it’s hot and most definitely with Asher. I like the mentions of how we are only pawns in the games of the gods. I can’t imagine human living among demons and other less humanoids. My goose bumps set itself free just thinking about it. This book is an interesting read and there were hardly any dull moments. I highly recommend everyone to read it.

Pro: humor, diversity, fast paced, love triangle, actions and adventures, a lot going on

Con: probably just me but those places, names, and things are super difficult to pronounce

I rate it 4.5 stars!

Buy it here for free shipping: Book Depository  or St. Martin’s Press

About the Author:

Amanda Hocking is the author of over twenty young adult novels, including the New York Times bestselling Trylle Trilogy and Kanin Chronicles. Her love of pop culture and all things paranormal influence her writing. She spends her time in Minnesota, taking care of her menagerie of pets and working on her next book. Author Website: Twitter: @Amanda_Hocking Facebook: @AmandaHockingFans Author Blog (Info & photo are provided by St. Martin’s).

***Disclaimer: Many thanks to the author Amanda Hocking, publisher St. Martin’s Press, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review. I appreciate the invitation to host a blog tour with a giveaway for this book! Please be assured that my opinions are honest.


8 thoughts on “Between the Blade and the Heart Review – Blog Tour & Giveaway

  1. Sophie @ Blame Chocolate says:

    Oh my God, GoT meets Blade Runner? That’s one heck of a promise there, publishers! I sure hope they delivered hahaha Although, from your review, I can tell it really was a indeed very cool read 🙂
    Too bad about not enjoying the Norse mythology aspect – it’s one of my favorites! But I understand it can get a bit overwhelming at first. Thankfully, it didn’t turn you off from the rest of the story and it ended up being quite the treat!
    I haven’t read anything by Amanda Hocking yet but I’m curious about this one, for sure. Also about Beyond a Darkened Shore. Sounds like a super nice read as well!
    Amazing review, Jasmine, and thank you so much for doing the blog tour for this one as I hadn’t knowing it existed 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jasmine says:

      I’m not familiar with GoT or Blade Runner so I can’t say it meets what the publisher promised 😊 Thank you Sophie for a positive comment. I always enjoy reading your comments 😊 Amanda Hocking publishes many books but this is my first read from her. I guess you may enjoy it more than I do since you love Norse mythology. I will look for your review if you decide to read it.


      • Sophie @ Blame Chocolate says:

        I haven’t watched BR yet but so many people rave about it. I’m a huge GOT fan so I find it hard to believe anything could compare to it… My skeptical self is intrigued though!
        I definitely hope that’s the case 🙂 I’ll give it a go, sometime. Thanks for the awesome review! I love commenting on your posts as well ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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