Dory Fantasmagory: Head in the Clouds – Review & Blog Tour

Hi Everyone! I am super excited to host dory fantasmagory’s Blog Tour today. Thank you so much penguin young readers for inviting me to take part in reading, reviewing, and hosting a blog tour!

Synopsis from Penguin Young Readers:

A loose tooth leads to hilarious hijinks with the tooth fairy in book four of the wonderfully imaginative Dory Fantasmagory series

Dory has her first loose tooth, and, with her usual over-the-top excitement, she cannot stop talking about the tooth fairy. Naturally, this drives her brother and sister crazy. But it also sparks a serious jealous streak in her nemesis, Mrs. Gobble Cracker, who wants all of Dory’s attention to herself.

But Mrs. Gobble Gracker has decided to steal the tooth fairy’s job, and flying around in a tutu from Rosabelle, she heads for Dory’s house. It’s time for Dory to come up with a serious plan to get the tooth fairy her job back.

The fourth installment in the wildly popular Dory Fantasmagory series delivers laughs on every page as Dory teams up with her pals, real and imaginary, to save the tooth fairy for all the world’s children–and get her dollar!

About: Dory Fantasmagory: Head in the Clouds is a children’s chapter books written by Abby Hanlon. It will be published on 3/6/18 by Dial Books, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, hardcover, 160 pages. The genres are middle grade, juvenile fiction, and chapter books. This book is intended for readers ages 6 to 8 and grades 1 to 3. This book comes from a series called Dory Fantasmagory and is the 4th in the series. See above blog tour banner to view all books in this series. According to Penguin’s website, “Dial publishes books for two through teen that aim to entertain, enrich, and encourage our readers. We care deeply about diversity and about artistic excellence. Established in 1961, Dial Books for Young Readers was an early pioneer of titles for the very young, including the first quality board books.” Please see below for more information about the author and publisher.

My Experience: I started reading Dory Fantasmagory: Head in the Clouds for my 6 year old as a story time on 2/25/18 and finished it that same day. This book is an excellent read. My son likes the humor. My son especially laughs a lot when Rascal’s imagination enemy, Mrs. Gobble Gracker wanting to be a tooth fairy because she looks so ugly. He also likes Rascal’s description of what she thinks the tooth fairy looks like. He giggles at Rascal and Melody’s fall after their licorice cleaning adventure. My son also likes Rascal’s trap to catch the tooth fairy. My son couldn’t put down this book and we read it in one go.

This book is told in the first person point of view following Dory (Rascal), a girl with a big imagination and a sense for adventures. Her older brother’s name is Luke and older sister’s name is Violet. She wears their hand-me-downs and they think she gets away with everything and embarrass them. This book starts out with Rascal protesting to wearing Violet’s hand-me-down coat. She does everything to avoid wearing it, even lies. Then her mom’s friend’s daughter Melody came for a visit and they have an adventure with the licorice. Next Rascal experiences her first baby teeth getting loose. Her brother and sister were annoyed with her for her constant talks with the tooth fairy and add their own definition of what the tooth fairy does. With that, Rascal’s imagination sparkle even bigger and farther. Each chapter there is an imagination adventure mixed with Rascal’s everyday life with her family and friends.

This book is very well written. I like Rascal’s banana and dish soap phone calls. I like how her friends play along with her imagination as if they too see Mrs. Gobble Gracker. I like the topic of loose tooth and tooth fairy because my son recently have his own experience. My 6 year old doesn’t use the terms “what the heck, stupid, and dumb” and I would have love it if these words were substituted out with ugly, yucky, or oh boy. I like that there is consequences for lying because it’s a recent topic I tried to remind my son with. I like that this book is easy to read and filled with wild adventures. My son likes the stories in this chapter book and it will definitely be a re-read for us. I highly recommend everyone to read this book and if your kids are 6 years old and younger, do read it for them like I did and substitute out those few bad terms.

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Pro: imagination, humor, illustrations, comics style communications, siblings, fast paced, page turner, easy to read,

Con: bad words for young age

I rate it 5 stars!

Buy it here for free shipping:  Book Depository or Penguin’s Website

About the Author:

Abby Hanlon has taught creative writing and first grade in the New York City public school system. Inspired by her students’ storytelling and drawings, Abby began to write her own stories for children, and taught herself to draw after not having drawn since childhood. (Info & Photo obtained from Penguin’s).

More information about Dial Books for Young Readers

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***Disclaimer: Many thanks to Penguin Young Readers for the opportunity to read and review. I appreciate the invitation to host a blog tour for this book! Please be assured that my opinions are honest.


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