Here Comes Hercules Review

Synopsis from Sweet Cherry Publishing:

When Tim Baker breaks his mum’s favourite vase, it’s the least of his problems. The Greek hero he’s released is in danger of doing far worse. To the flowers, the rug—Oh, no! Not the kitchen!
Hercules is only trying to be helpful but he’s just hopeless. It’s time to send this dim demigod home before Tim becomes ancient history.

About: Here Comes Hercules is a children’s book written by Stella Tarakson and illustrated by Nick Roberts. It was published on 2/22/18 by Sweet Cherry Publishing, 208 pages. The genres are children’s book, mythology, and fiction. This book is intended for readers ages 6. There are 2 books to this series: book 1 is Here Comes Hercules! and book 2 is Hera’s Terrible Trap!. According to the publisher’s website, “Sweet Cherry Publishing is an independent children’s publishing company that specialises in fiction series. Our books explore engaging characters and worlds that children will want to revisit time and time again, and our list targets a wide range of readers – from board books and picture books all the way through to YA. We publish a diverse selection of genres including action, fantasy, and coming-of-age, and our educational titles for younger children are very popular with parents and teachers.” Please see below for more information about the author and publisher.

My Experience: I started reading Here Comes Hercules as a bedtime story for my 6 years old son on 4/9/18 and we finished it on 4/20/18. This book is an awesome read! My son loves how Hercules deal with the bully. I like that Tim helps his mom around the house and corrects Hercules when he does it incorrectly. I like Tim’s mom’s failed attempts at getting published. As I read and reviewed many debuts and how easily their book made the NY Times Bestsellers’ List, I thought getting published is easy. This book reveals the reality of debut writers. I like that Tim respects his mom enough to make the house looks presentable before she comes home. I like how Tim tries to tell the truth first.

This book is told in the third person point of view following Timothy (Tim) Baker as he goes about his chores at home feeling like a Cinderella while his mom works late. He helps his mom around the house doing cleaning, dusting, weeding, etc and while dusting an old vase, he was distracted by the telephone ringing and accidentally dropped the vase. It breaks to pieces. As he worries about how he’s going to patch the pieces of the vase back together before his mom comes home, he sees a big muscular man appear near the broken vase. The big man tells Tim that he’s a hero named Hercules and that he can kill many things with his bare hands. Tim thought Hercules was a genie and wish him to help with the chores. Hercules attack each chores as if he’s in a battle and the outcome, well, is more than Tim asked for. The destruction at home angered Tim’s mother so he decided to bring Hercules to school with him. At school, Tim finds himself being sent to the principle’s office for calling the lunch lady fat, but no one see that he was telling Hercules to stop eating so much.

A well written book, Here Comes Hercules is an excellent reading adventures for kids! My son and I love the riddle but we couldn’t solve it and when it reveals, we thought duh! 😂 My son also laughs a lot at how Hercules want Tim to beat the bully. I like how Tim finally is able to stand up to the bully. I like the illustrations, very on point to the story. I don’t like those “stupid, dumb & idiot” words in kids’ stories. I think naughty or other substitute words will still make the story interesting. Besides that, my son enjoys this book a lot and I highly recommend everyone to read it.

Pro: fast paced, page turner, humor, hero, Greek mythology, actions and adventures, illustrations

Con: none

I rate it 5 stars!

Buy it here for free shipping:  Book Depository or Sweet Cherry Publishing

About the Author: Stella Tarakson

I entered the workforce armed with a law degree, but writing has always been my passion. It didn’t take me long to leave my sensible job and dive headfirst into the uncertain world of publishing – and I’ve loved every minute! I’ve had 30-something books published, and I still get a thrill when I see my name on a cover. I’ve written non-fiction for both children and adults, and now I’m writing children’s fiction. I love researching and writing about things that interest, intrigue and excite me – there’s nothing better than sharing my fascination of the world with my readers! (Info & photo obtained from author’s website).

More Information About Sweet Cherry Publishing:

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***Disclaimer: Many thanks to the author Stella Tarakson, publisher Sweet Cherry Publishing, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest.


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