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Happy Monday! Summer is soon ending and Fall is soon approaching. I have decided to gather up books I have read and reviewed this past years since blogging and to just give it another spotlight. If you are interested in reading books by theme. Today’s theme is books with Greek Mythology in it. Too bad Rick Riordan’s books are still on my TBR so I couldn’t include them on this list. I will be posting them up sporadically so feel free to join me and tag your posts!

  1. Beyond A Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake. I rated it 4 stars!

2.  Between the Blade and the Heart by Amanda Hocking. (book 1). I rated it 4.5 stars!

3.  From the Earth to the Shadows by Amanda Hocking. (book 2). I rated it 5 stars!

4.  Here Comes Hercules! by Stella Tarakson. (book 1). I rated it 5 stars!

5.  Hera’s Terrible Trap! by Stella Tarakson. (book 2). I rated it 5 stars!

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Have you read any of these books yet? What are your other reads that are Greek Mythology related?


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