How To Be a T-Rex – Review & Blog Tour

Synopsis from Penguin Young Readers:

An upROARiously funny take on following your wildest dreams, from the bestselling creator of Dinosaur Comics

Being a regular old human is kind of a drag. That’s why Sal is not going to be a teacher or doctor or lawyer when she grows up. She is going to grow up to be an awesome Tyrannosaurus Rex. Her brother thinks it’s impossible, but Sal sure shows him! And in the beginning, being a T. Rex is AWESOME. But did you know that it’s kind of hard to make friends when you are a super-giant, super-loud, super-stompy dinosaur? If only there were a way for Sal to be 100% awesome, 100% of the time…

Eisner Award-winning writer Ryan North makes his picture book debut with this bright, bold, and quirky story about finding–and taming–the beast within.

About: How To Be a T-Rex is a children’s picture book written by Ryan North and illustrated by Mike Lowery. It was recently published on 8/21/2018 by Dial Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House, hardcover, 32 pages. The genres are children’s, picture books, fiction, and dinosaurs. This book is intended for readers ages 4 to 8, grades P to 3. According to Penguin’s website, “Dial publishes books for two through teen that aim to entertain, enrich, and encourage our readers. We care deeply about diversity and about artistic excellence. Established in 1961, Dial Books for Young Readers was an early pioneer of titles for the very young, including the first quality board books.” Please see below for more information about the author and publisher.

My Experience: My son and I started reading How To Be a T-Rex on 8/13/2018 as a bedtime story and we finished it that same night. This book is a super cute read! It got us giggling more than a few times. This book comes with a poster with steps on how to become a T-Rex. I like Sal and her brother. I like following Sal’s thinking process. My son likes Sal’s room with dinosaurs all over. I like the comparison between being a T-Rex and being a human and Sal’s realization that being a T-Rex alone is not as good as she thought.

In this book, readers will follow Sal as she yearns to become a Tyrannosaurus Rex. She compares being a T-Rex to being herself. The upside of being a T-Rex is having a giant body and can roar to scare others while being herself with a tiny body that often got ignored. Sal’s brother thinks it’s impossible for Sal to become a T-Rex and Sal is determine to prove him wrong. When Sal’s a T-Rex, she learns that there are downsides to being a T-Rex as much as being herself with having to follow many human rules.

How To Be a T-Rex is a fun way for kids to explore and accept who they are. Everyone often wanting to be someone else and in this case, Sal wants to be a T-Rex because it can be loud and not afraid of anything. But soon Sal realizes that being a T-Rex is not all that great because her feet is too big to fit in her favorite dinosaur shoe. I like this new way of introducing kids to incorporate the characteristics of someone or something they admire into themselves to improve themselves. This book is an excellent influence for kids and I highly recommend it!

Pro: humor, illustrator, innovative ways to explore yourself, self improvement,

Con: none

I rate it 5 stars!

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About the Author:

Ryan North is the New York Times-bestselling author of Romeo and/or Juliet and To Be or Not To Be. He’s the creator of Dinosaur Comics and the Eisner Award-winning writer of Adventure Time, Jughead, and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl for Marvel Comics, and he has a master’s in computational linguistics from the University of Toronto. Ryan lives in Toronto with his wife, Jenn, and their dog, Noam Chompsky. (Photo and info obtained from Penguin’s website).

Mike Lowery is an author, artist, and an avid collector of weird bits of knowledge. He’s illustrated dozens of books for kids, including the Gingerbread Man is Loose in the School series. Mike lives with his wife and two kids in Atlanta, Georgia. (Info provided by Penguin Young Readers).

More information about Dial Books for Young Readers

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***Disclaimer: Many thanks to Penguin Young Readers for the opportunity to read and review. I appreciate the invitation to host a blog tour for this book! Please be assured that my opinions are honest.


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