Spring Break: New Orleans

Hi Everyone!

Recently my family and I visited Louisiana for Spring Break. We rented a house in the Bayou on a 7-acre land surrounded by water in Slidell, LA. We arrived on Saturday 3/16/19 and left on Sunday 3/24/19. We stayed at home to enjoy the space around the house (fishing, picnic, bonfire) and we drove the 30 minutes into New Orleans to visit The Children’s Museum in downtown. We also went to City Park for two days. One day we took the Trolley to the French Quarter for a browse, visited the Insectarium, and experienced the Beignets. Another day we walked around City Park. I took my mom shopping. We ate seafood: crabs, crawfish, etc. I love just sitting at the benches, enjoy the breeze, and look at the beautiful flowers.

Water surrounding our rental house.

I did keep a lookout for alligators.. didn’t see one though 🙂

We caught fishes!

My first taste of Beignets 🙂

Love the Trolley rides 🙂

I love City Park!

I love flowers 🙂

Me, nearly 6 months pregnant 🙂

Flowers at a park in Slidell, LA

Slidell Park

City Park and these benches. I could sit here forever with a book!

View from the benches at City Park.

It was a great experience to get out of the house and away from work. I highly recommend everyone to experience life out on the Bayou sometimes. I love the peace and quiet.


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