September 2019 Wrap-Up and More

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are doing fantastic! September is now ending. Lots going on in September for me. I didn’t review lots of books that’s for sure. I’m experiencing the difficulties where my daughter refuses bottle feeding and I’m having low supply of milk. I have decided only days ago to take supplements called Mother’s Milk Tea. I believe it’s working because one side got clogged up and is now painful. I was reluctant at first and just tried drinking lots of warm water to help but ended up having many fussy feedings. All of these troubles cost a lot of time! Anyway… onto my wrap up! A total of 5 books I read and review!

After the Flood by Kassandra Montag. I rated it 4.5 stars!

Max Einstein: Rebels with a Cause by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. I rated 5 stars!

Elevator Pitch by Linwood Barclay. I rated it 5 stars!

Hope is Our Only Wing by Rutendo Tavengerwei. I rated it 4 stars!

The Long Call by Ann Cleeves. I rated it 4 stars!

In September I have decided to do a “books unhaul” from my bookshelf. I picked out 17 books to donate. It was a last minute decision to give them all to my sister-in-law. She came to visit to celebrate my 1 month old daughter last month and borrowed my Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. This month, I showed her the pictures below of my books to donate and she requested that I give them all to her. I didn’t know she reads haha so I’m glad the books are now going to good hands! I have read and reviewed them all on my blog, Goodreads, and social media.

Finally, the most special bookmail ever! Drum rolls please! I have received ARCs before as you can see from the pile of donated books above, but I usually received one book at a time and rarely two in an envelope. This time, I received the whole winter 2020 box! Imagine my screams and squeals! Thank you so much Fierce Reads for inviting me to read your new releases!

I’m glad to have decided to take milk supplements because now my daughter sleeps well and I will have more time to read and review!

Happy Reading Everyone! I hope you will have a great October!



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