Lunar Chronicles: New Cover Reveal @marissa_meyer @fiercereads #LunarEverAfter #TeamCress #bookworm

Hi Everyone!

I’m super happy to share with you all an announcement regarding your beloved book series called The Lunar Chronicles! Cress is my most favorite character out of the series because she’s smart and knows how to keep herself from dying of boredom living alone in outer space. She also sounds cute especially regarding her crush on Thorn!!

REVEAL ALERT: Calling all my fellow Lunartics and @marissa_meyer fans, check out the stepback art for the new paperback edition of CRESS!  #LunarEverAfter @FierceReads #TeamCress

I love the original covers. This anime cover is cute as well. I love this graphic of Cress and Thorn. She’s so innocent and sweet.

I’m glad this year the Lunar Chronicles has a makeover. I already planned on re-reading the series again so this step back news is a plus!

Who is your favorite character? Which cover do you like most, new or old?



***Thank you FierceReads for inviting me to take part in revealing the new cover for my favorite book series!

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