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Synopsis from Workman:

From the creators of the award-winning Three-Ring Rascals and 43 Old Cemetery Road series!

Is the sweet town of Appleton ripe for scandal?

Consider the facts:

•        Appleton Elementary School has a new librarian named Rita B. Danjerous. (Say it fast.)

•        Principal Noah Memree barely remembers hiring her.

•       Ten-year-old Reid Durr is staying up way too late reading a book from Ms. Danjerous’s controversial “green dot” collection.

•        The new school board president has mandated a student dress code that includes white gloves and bow ties available only at her shop.

Sound strange? Fret not. Appleton’s fifth-grade sleuths are following the money, embracing the punny, and determined to the get to the funniest, most rotten core of their town’s juiciest scandal. Don’t miss this seedy saga!

About: Don’t Check Out this Book is a middle grade humor fiction written by Kate Klise and illustrated by M. Sarah Klise. It will be published on 3/10/2020 by Algonquin, an imprint of Workman, paperback, 160 pages. The genres are children’s fiction, humor, and middle grade. This book is intended for readers ages 8 to 12, grades 3 to 7. According to the publisher’s website, ” Algonquin Young Readers publishes books for readers from ages seven to seventeen, from short illustrated novels for the youngest independent readers to timely and topical crossover young adult fiction. What ties the books in this imprint together? Unforgettable characters, absorbing stories, and superior writing.” Please see below for more information about the author and publisher.

My Experience: I started reading Don’t Check Out this Book on 2/19/2020 and finished it on 2/20/2020 at 2:30am. I loved this book! Very interesting layout and definitely funny. A unique book with original storyline where I have not read or seen one like it. The bow ties are cute. Sarah & May are cool characters and they are sassy with good ideas. Love the illustrations and the broom closet library! I love the details to the newspaper and business letters. The bank lady is cool with her money collection.

This book started with an email between the school’s secretary Gladys and the school’s principal Noah about space for the new librarian and her 9 year old daughter in 5th grade. Then the actual newspaper lookalike informing the town of Appleton that they now have a new school board president and the news about the school finally reopen its library after 14 years. As soon as school started, concerns regarding students were among the parents and the school such as books with the green dot collection. Communication are via letters, memos, notes, etc so the book doesn’t have the normal chapter layout.

Don’t Check Out this Book is highly addictive and a fast paced read! I like that this book encouraged 5th graders to write to the town’s newspaper and become reporters so that they can write articles about the happenings in their school/town. I love the humor. One downside is the small font of the newspaper. I like that the librarian and her daughter make their own decisions instead of doing something just because someone wants them to. The villains’ troubles are ridiculously entertaining. I’m definitely giving this book to my son to read and I highly recommend everyone to read this book too!

Pro: humor, fast paced, school, read, library, apples, friendship, encourage kids to be proactive

I rate it 5 stars!

Buy it here for free shipping: Book Depository or Workman’s website

About the Author and Illustrator:

Kate Klise and M. Sarah Klise have collaborated on numerous award-winning middle-grade and picture-book projects, including the Regarding the Fountain and 43 Old Cemetery Road series. Kate lives in Norwood, Missouri. She visits more than seventy school classrooms a year. Sarah Klise lives in Berkeley, California. Visit for more information. (By the way, Klise rhymes with mice.)

Illustrator M. Sarah Klise and author Kate Klise and are sisters and collaborators. They started making books together many years ago in their bedroom in Peoria, Illinois. Kate wrote the words; Sarah drew the pictures. Their first book was about an adventure-loving little mouse that traveled around the country. That story was never published. (In fact, it ended up in the garbage can!) But the Klise sisters had so much fun making their first book, they kept writing and drawing. And now they’ve published more than twenty award-winning books for young readers, including Regarding the Fountain and Dying to Meet You. The Klise sisters no longer share a bedroom. Kate lives in Missouri and travels often to visit schools and libraries. Sarah lives in California. But the two sisters still enjoy working together, especially on their new series about a pair of circus mice. (By the way, Klise rhymes with mice.)

(Photos and info obtained from Workman’s website. Book pictures obtained from Edelweiss).

More Information About Algonquin Young Readers:

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***Disclaimer: Many thanks to Algonquin Young Readers for the opportunity to read and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest.


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