April 2020 Wrap-Up and Cover Release #bookworm #monthlywrapup

Hi Everyone!

April was a great month! I’m no longer sick and I started going outside more. I just walked around my driveway sunbathing, planting flowers, picking out weeds, playing on the scooters with my son, and jumping ropes after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Being active and getting a bit of sunshine really helps make me feel stronger. Right now I only have my fat tummy post pregnancy to deal with. I guess flattening the tummy will take a long time 😂.

My daughter is 9 months old and we now have a routine. I’m so glad of it. I love my quiet time at night to read. I enjoyed reading Sin Eater a lot. I also enjoyed one nonfiction called A List Angels. Definitely eye opening to learn that singers and athletes are wealthy not because they can sing or play sports but because they are smart with their money by investing. I enjoyed the humor in I Kissed Alice and Six Angry Girls. All Eyes on Her is a read that feels like the characters are talking to us! I’m thinking to reinstate my subscription to Netflix so I can watch Dare Me because Amy from Goodreads told me the acting were really good. Have you seen the Dare Me mini TV series?

Below is the cover release. I have yet to read these fantasies. I do love the covers! Have you read book 1, All the Stars and Teeth?

Today is my birthday and I went out to pick up my online orders for breakfast and dinner. I took the opportunity to be outside to take some nice scenery pictures for my books. I received these books from the publisher for the read along in anticipation for the release of the 5th book in the series 💝 I will start book 1 & 2 in May, book 3 in June, and book 4 in July. Book 5 titled Trouble Blood will be published in September by Little, Brown, and Company. Have you read this series?

I also received Circe from the publisher for the read along. It’s to celebrate the paperback release. The read along is currently happening. Full schedule here: https://www.littlebrown.com/articles/circe-read-along/ 💖 Do read if you haven’t! I’m liking it.

There are other things going on that are unrelated to reading and blogging is the coronavirus. I am still shocked it exists at all and how it alter our everyday lives so much: quarantine, online shopping for foods and material things, dine out through take out, a screen separating cashiers and customers, six feet apart, constantly wearing masks and unable to see the other person smiles, and ugly empty parking lots of retail stores and many places not to mention the how many millions of unemployed workers. I’m still in a daze.

I hope you still had a great April despite it all.



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